This year we are moving from our Workspace in Urfahr to the main university building at the Hauptplatz. We won’t take the short route over the Donaubridge, but go the other way around; hopping over the earth.


We start walking. Through the mountains we go. Then hopping through germany, do some excursions and together with theatre of Freiburg and Schauspiel Köln researching the future of living in both cities. We do this from our ‘WanderUniversity’. How it works, how it looks like, we have to discover, we have to design. Via Africa, where we will learn to survive (or not), learn to wait, learn to improvise, we will pop up in Marchtrenk for the festival der regionen. To show up at Hauptplatz in Linz, sometime at the end of summersemester, and move in to our new headquarter.