Exkursion Belgien


Should you be planning a trip to Charleroi, don´t forget to bring your hardhat

The industrial centre of the 1900s appears rather desolated and depressing but is a true beauty in it´s own way. If you were thinking of having a shabby chic wedding party, Charleroi is the place to go. The city consists of abandoned industrial sites, former coal mines and statues of cartoon characters on roundabouts. Plus, there are museums.

The airport is located about 70 km south of Brussels. When landing, planes have to maneuver around huge mountains of coal which are strewn across the countryside and are stark reminders of Charleroi´s industrial past. They serve as viewpoints and drinking spots for Charleroi´s criminal youth (graffiti EVERYWHERE). Don´t be fooled by the promise of good food due to the proximity to France – you shall survive on chips accompanied by a massive variety of dips. Lidl provides fresh baguettes and rather delicious goat´s cheese.

We quickly adapted to local customs, spending our evenings in a pub opposite Marchienne-Au-Pont train station, drinking beer and speaking to no-one. This was to be our only joy throughout the 10 days spent in the „pays noir“ – black country as the Carolos like to call their bleak home town. Many of us suffered injuries when exploring the industrial ruins, others were traumatized into thinking they were part of a „Lord of the Rings“ screenplay. Towards the end of our venture, we finally managed to produce art work: industrial waste was fabricated into a huge pinball machine.